You may use one of the following services to make purchases:


Buy, Consign, Trade, E-Waste or Recycle.


The Sales Baron story started in a small garage and is now a facility with over 12,000 sq. feet.


Music equipment on a shelf

The operation was initiated by the sale of professional equipment. One internet sale, then another and now 1,000,000 plus items later the SALES BARON has become the go-to place for the consumer and seller alike.


We specialize in liquidating Hollywood  Studios, Movie Theaters, Lighting and Stage Equipment, Stadium Sound Systems , Computer Equipment and other Businesses.


Are you closing your business? Upgrading equipment? Have excess inventory? Do you have a full garage? Were you left an estate? Are you a collector? Is your storage full to the top? Do you need cash?


Men working with wiring

If only one of these answers left you with the light  bulb glowing give us a call. We can sell almost anything for you. We can negotiate a pickup of any size or volume.





We will crate, box or palletize your items for you and we utilize the best in shipping such as Fed-Ex, USPS and others.


What should SALES BARON sell for you?


This is just a sample of what SALES BARON has sold over the years: Speakers (JBL, Altec and many more), Bicycles, DJ Equipment, Sound Digital and Analog Editing, Stereo and Hi-Fi Components, Home Theater, Servers, Computers (Mac and PC), Smart Phones, Laptops, Watches from Timex to Rolex, Jewelry, Entertainment Memorabilia, Sports Equipment, Antiques and Collectibles, Musical Instruments and much more.


SALES BARON can help your bottom line.

Don’t fire sale! Call us first!!



4530 Brazil St, Unit 2
Los Angeles, CA 90039
+1 (818) 241-2265

Mon to Fri:       9 am  –  4 pm


Saturday:         9 am  –  2 pm


Sunday:            closed

We know that time is money, so to streamline the process of shipping you can send us the details of your shipment for a custom quote.

You can also call us by phone or email us directly.   click here


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